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LucyPlex Multiplex Assay

Abb1 LucyPlex Blue/Green COOH-Multiplex-Assay
Detection on the Cube 8 (Sysmex-Partec GmbH)
LucyPlex Blue/Green-COOH Multiplex Assay (Ex.: 488 nm, Em.: 536/40 nm), 15 Peaks, particle average 3µm
with Streptavidin

Abb2 PS-DP_COOH_SA_S3523

Multiplex, 3 µm PS-DP_COOH_SA_S3523 Partikel, FL3 (488 / 640 nm), FL4 (632 / 670 nm), Cube 8 (Sysmex Partec GmbH)
without Streptavidin

Abb2 PS-DP_COOH_S3523

Multiplex, 3 µm PS-DP_COOH_S3523 Partikel, FL3 (488 / 640 nm), FL4 (632 / 670 nm), Cube 8 (Sysmex Partec GmbH)

LucyPlex Multiplex Assay

Multiplex assays enable the non-invasive, synchronous detection of a large number of analytes in a sample. Assays of this type are primarily used in the examination of physiological fluids (liquid biopsy).

Microparticles GmbH now offers particle-based multiplex assays for flow cytometry. The new LucyPlex Multiplex Assay from microparticles GmbH is characterized by small signal widths in all optical channels of flow cytometry (forward scatter, side scatter and fluorescence channels). Therefore, we can guarantee the detection of more than 15 analytes in one fluorescence channel with only one fluorescent dye with the same particle size. In addition, by combining suitable fluorescent dyes, up to 50 analytes can be displayed with the same particle size. Within the framework of this platform, Microparticles GmbH offers particles with various surface modifications (carboxyl-, amino-, streptavidin-). Our LucyPlex Multiplex Assays can be used on all standard flow cytometers.

In addition, we offer our customers a LucyPlex Calibration Assay for device calibration of all optical channels.